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Welcome to Practising Valuers Association (India)

The Practising Valuers Association (India) is an organization of valuation professionals and others interested in the valuation profession. It is a self-supporting and independent body. The first in Maharashtra and only valuation organization representing all of the disciplines of valuation specialists actually practising valuation. The society is incorporated in 1999. The Headquarter of PVAI is in the metropolitan city MUMBAI (Maharashtra), Commercial capital of India.

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What is a Valuer?

An appraiser identifies and provides a value for various types of property. Appraisers fall under several categories of appraisal types such as personal property, real property, machinery and technical specialties, appraisal review and management, gems and jewelry and business valuation.

Appraisals are done for many reasons ranging from estate planning to buying a home to determining value for insurance or tax purposes. The most important factor to be concerned with is choosing the correct appraiser to do the work.

What do Valuer do?
  • Valuation of Real Estate
  • Valuation of Machinery & Equipments
  • Chartered Engineering Services
  • Orderly Liquidation Services
  • Vetting of Properties
  • Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate
  • Litigation Support Valuation
  • Review of Valuation Reports
Valuers FAQs
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  • What is the difference between an appraiser (valuer) and a real estate agent ?
  • What do appraisers (valuers) really do ?
  • What are the aspects that fall underthe appraiser's recognition?
  • What are the appraisers' professional standards?